Clinical Pilates

clinical pilates and Redcord at head to toe healthcare™

At this time, we are currently suspending our clinical pilates service until our new purpose built clinic is completed.  Our osteopaths can still assist in the treatment and exercise rehabilitation of any musculoskeletal complaint.

Clinical Pilates is a system of exercise based on precise movement, mental concentration and breathing control. It is used to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis (collectively known as the ‘core’), and to rehabilitate injuries, improve posture and increase sporting performance.

Your body’s optimal function depends on the synergy between the muscles that create movement and those that stabilise the body and protect the joints. Many studies have shown that this relationship breaks down when there is an injury and that certain muscles become overactive, painful and tight, while the deeper stabilising muscles can become underactive and weak.

Physiotherapists at head to toe healthcare™ are trained to assess your body to find these areas of weakness or postural problems that may be causing pain or preventing your body from operating at its full potential. They will then design a program that is appropriate for your abilities and health and fitness goals. As the programs are individualised, they are suitable for all abilities, whether you are currently not exercising due to pain, are recovering after pregnancy, or want to improve your core strength and flexibility for your sporting or recreational activities.

In addition to their Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates training, the Physiotherapists at head to toe healthcare™ are trained in using Redcord, the latest evidence-based assessment and treatment tool from Norway. With Pilates Reformers, Trapeze Table, Stability Chair, fitballs, foam rollers, and Redcord equipment, our studio has all the tools and experienced therapists to help you manage your injuries, improve your posture and maximise your performance.

Through regular practice of Clinical Pilates one can experience a whole range of benefits including:

  • relief from low back pain and other joint and muscular related stresses
  • improved strength
  • better posture
  • improved muscular flexibility and range of movement
  • good body awareness
  • improved muscular tone
  • improved balance

Our practitioners are registered for immediate private health insurance rebates through our HICAPS machine and are registered for WorkCover, Veteran’s Affairs and TAC patients. Please call for further information regarding these services or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Did you know that this service is available under Medicare as part of the Chronic Disease Management program (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care)? Please ask us or your doctor regarding this initiative as conditions do apply.

We offer discounted concession rates for full time students, health care card holders and pensioners (please note presentation of appropriate documentation is required at time of payment).

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Clinical Pilates at Head to Toe Healthcare Hampton