About Us

Head to Toe Healthcare is Bayside’s leading multidisciplinary health clinic for the management of spinal and other musculoskeletal complaints.  The clinic was first established in 2004, with the vision of integrating the expertise of osteopaths, physiotherapists, myotherapists, remedial massage therapists and clinical pilates practitioners.  We believe that our coordinated approach to your health is the most effective and cost efficient way of achieving great results and ensuring a positive long-term outcome.

Our experience tells us that there are several key areas to ensure this successful outcome:

  • The ability to accurately detail and diagnose your complaint through expert clinical assessment.
  • Having a tailored treatment plan to outline your step by step the pathway to recovery.
  • Patient participation through education and self-management strategies, such as exercise therapy.

Our clinic is constantly evolving in order to improve the quality of care we offer.  Paramount to this is that our practitioners have an enduring commitment to further medical education and professional development to maintain the highest levels of ethical, clinical and technical competence.  We have also successfully integrated the use of new technologies to advance the recovery of our patients.  We are proud to be one of the few clinics in Melbourne to offer the Swiss Dolorclast Radial Shockwave therapy and have also recently introduced therapeutic Laser therapy, providing our patients with a distinct advantage in the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

Although you do not require a GP referral to see any of our team, we all appreciate the opportunity to maintain communication with your local GP and/or specialists for continuity of care.  We have close working relationships with many local medical professionals and can refer to these specialists where and when required.

With a comprehensive team of allied health practitioners, you can ensure you are always in good hands.

We support our community

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